Third Sunday Picnics

Every Third Sunday (except in winter) both of our parishes gather for a pot-luck. Locations vary. Sometimes we are at a members home and other time at a local park. Contact us for time and place if you’re interested.

Open House

Once a month we open up the church campus in the evening to dance, watch movies, learn crafts, have workshops, and other productive and recreational activities. It’s a time of full-throttle fellowship where kids play kick ball, children build with Legos, men smoke cigars, teens dance, and where conversations abound and friendships grow stronger.

Pentecost Conference

During the week of Pentecost we observe and celebrate the birth of the New Testament Church. Our emphasis is on Missionary Efforts and the advance of God’s Kingdom around the world.

Reformation Festival

We are a reformed church (and we’d love to explain that to you) so the Reformation is a significant part of our history. So we celebrate with a huge festival of music and story, food and dance.

Evenings In Advent

You might be interested to know that we celebrate the birth of Christ for 35+ days each year. The celebration of the Advent (Arrival) of Christ begins four weeks prior to Christmas Eve. On those four Sunday evenings we gather for a time of scripture reading, singing, and fellowship.
Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Service

Our Christmas Eve worship service is a solemn and beautiful gathering of adoration of our King as we remember the time where God became man and dwelt among us.