Pentecost Celebration 2023

Just giving everyone a head’s up that we will be celebrating Pentecost on May 26th-28th.

Events Planned

Wine Tasting ~ Vino from the lands of those pilgrims listed in Acts 2:5-11…accompanied with Mediterranean savories and sweets

Movie ~ Babette’s Feast: An outdoor theater affair. Bring camp chairs, blankets, snacks and drinks for your family.

Artisan Display ~ Wood, Metal, Cloth, Words, Paper, Paint, Photos, Mercantile, et la, will be showcased for viewing.

Talks ~ Makers will share their passion of creating.

Missions ~ Ministers from around the world will be sharing their story via media.

Music ~ Live during the celebration

Feast ~ We’ll be eating wheat but we will have meats and vegetables grilled on site, along with sauces, for all that bread.

Dance ~ Of course.

More news to come, but think about joining us. If you have an art or trade or hobby you’d like to display, let me know.