Focus, Brethren. Focus.

Let the Word dwell in you richly: Richly: in a rich manner. : in full measure : amply. In a very special or valuable way, or in a way that is greater than usual. Used to express the fact that the quality or thing mentioned is present in large amounts.  


Every Wednesday in Reykjavik the conservative evangelical pastors (of varied denominations) meet together to pray for their country. In Dakar, all of the conservative evangelical pastors (of varied denominations) get along with each other. Are the pastors in Iceland and Africa more spiritual than those of U.S.? Maybe. Hopefully. But perhaps the reason for their …

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Biden’ My Time

Let’s suppose for a moment that our choices for president had been narrowed down to the better of two awesome people. What if that had been our voting dilemma?!  An actual, assured win-win either way? I’m not just talking about both candidates being conservative, pro-life, and for lower taxes… what if both were Christians of …

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Christmas 20/20

Christmas doesn’t look the same this year. There are no seasonal venues to attend this year. There will be no live cantatas, no ballets to buy tickets for, no plays to take in, and no concerts to enjoy. Instead, we find ourselves plagued by fear, restricted by our government, and isolated from friends and family …

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Reign Day

I rolled out of bed this morning still feeling heavy from last nights dinner.  Smash-burgers, topped with jalapeño pimento cheese and served with a side of potato wedges fried in beef fat will do that to you. I hit the shower at 5:30am and was sipping a cup of Sumatra before the day dawned and …

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Fret Not

I am presently meditating my way through the book, Everyday Glory: The Revelation of God In All of Reality, by Gerald R. McDermott. The author’s primary goal is to point out “types” of the gospel that exist in all of creation, for all of us to see, all the time. This is one of those …

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