Biden’ My Time

Let’s suppose for a moment that our choices for president had been narrowed down to the better of two awesome people. What if that had been our voting dilemma?!  An actual, assured win-win either way?

I’m not just talking about both candidates being conservative, pro-life, and for lower taxes… what if both were Christians of proven worth and knowledge? What if both had campaigned vowing to govern from the scriptures, and they both attended the same bible study and had frequently and publicly prayed for each other—that the one who should be in office—got into office, since the last thing either one of them wanted was to get in God’s way. 

The closer we get to Post-Mill Fulfillment the sooner we will be faced with such choices. Ah, those will be the days. 

But not today. Today we have a divided nation. And tomorrow it feels like there will be a target on the back of every Christian who still holds that the Bible is the only rule of faith and practice. 

And not only are all true believers in Jesus Christ subject to the possibility of ridicule and persecution. Everyone who believes that killing babies is evil, that there is a difference between boys and girls, and that the king has no clothes will also be considered deplorable, primitive, a hater.   

But regardless of what’s going on it our country and the rest of the world, it’s of great comfort to know that the President of presidents is never losing His office; that Jesus’ reign is strong and secure. 

So, even if we had a POTUS who genuinely loved the Lord with all his heart, and he governed in such a way that all his policies were formed with first asking, “What did Jesus do?” our life and work remains the same, to live for Jesus and make disciples. 

So, then, if the president is bad, not good, what do we do?

We live for Jesus and make disciples. This is our calling.

We are, after all, the Salt of the Earth and the world needs the savor of the only Savior.