Biblical Counseling


First, let us understand plainly that the biblical doctrine of the inherency of the Scriptures has important implications for counseling. The Christian counselor has a book that is the very Word of the living God, written in the styles of the individual writers, who (through the superintendence of the Holy Spirit) were kept free from …

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Christians confuse hypocrisy with feelings. I get out of bed every morning against contrary feelings. That does not make the act hypocritical. I would be hypocritical only if I pretend that I enjoy getting up. Jay Adams ~ The Christian Counselor’s Manual  


“Reconciliation is a change of relationship between persons (God and man; man and man) that involves at least three elements: (1) confession of sins to God and to any others who have been offended; (2) forgiveness by God and by the one who has been offended; (3) the establishment of a new relationship between offender …

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