The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

Christianity is (chara) joyful. The word refers to a deep-seated attitude and confidence toward life that only a Christian, who knows that God is sovereign, can have. Such joy isn’t dependent upon favorable happenings in life,…

To view the Christian life as a sombre, serious, miserable existence—as some have in the past and some do at the present—is to seriously misrepresent it. But…joy isn’t the automatic possession of every Christian; rather, it belongs to those who understand, trust, and obediently follow God’s will. 

…joy is a basic, bedrock confidence lying beneath the shifting sands of daily happenings.

Without this base—this basic joy that God has it all in His pocket—there can be no place to stand and evaluate life. All is flux; all is meaningless—indeed, life is absurd.   

From, A Theology of Christian Counseling, by Jay Adams