First, let us understand plainly that the biblical doctrine of the inherency of the Scriptures has important implications for counseling. The Christian counselor has a book that is the very Word of the living God, written in the styles of the individual writers, who (through the superintendence of the Holy Spirit) were kept free from all errors that otherwise would have crept into their writings, and who, by his providential direction, produced literature that expressed not only what they themselves wanted to say, but what God wanted to say through them, so that (at once) these writings could be said to be Jeremiah’s or the Holy Spirit’s. 

This is a God-breathed book. (The word translated “inspired” means, literally, “breathed out by God.” 

When God says that He breathed out His Word, He means that what is written is as much His Word as if He had spoken it audibly by means of breath. If the reader could hear God speak, he would find that God said nothing more, nothing less, nothing different from what was written.

From: Jay Adams — A Theology of Christian Counseling