What’s a Church To Do?

The following list is (mostly) from Vern Poythress’ The Returning King.

We discussed how we could evaluate our own church through the eyes of our Lord in hope of being found faithful.

Our session has also taken this on as an assignment to study chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation as a way to critique our present ministry efforts.


Christ: Authority

Strength: Doctrinal Zeal

Problem: Lost ‘first love’

Duty: Repent

Promise: Tree of Life

Judgement: Close the church



Christ: Giving Life

Strength: Spiritually rich

Problem: None

Duty: Suffer for Christ

Promise: Freedom from death

Judgement: None



Christ: Warrior against sin

Strength: Holding fast

Problem: False teaching

Duty: Repent

Promise: Spiritual significance 

Judgement: Christ will ‘fight them’



Christ: Searching heart

Strength: Love and service

Problem: Heresy and immorality

Duty: Repudiate ‘Jezebel’

Promise: Rule over nations

Judgement: Great tribulation



Christ: Source of Spirit

Strength: a few still faithful

Problem: Spiritually dead

Duty: Wake up

Promise: White robe (honor)

Judgement: “come as a thief’



Christ: Openning door

Strength: Keeping the Word

Problem: Little strength

Duty: Continue 

Promise: Secure dwelling

Judgement: None



Christ: True witness

Strength: None

Problem: Worthless

Duty: Admit need

Promise: Fellowship

Judgement: Shame