Life Interrupted

During the judgement plagues of The Exodus there was light in Goshen while the rest of Egypt was subdued and threatened by the gloom of darkness. Movement came to a stop. That meant work and play and normalcy was temporarily over due to the hand of God.

These days Christians find themselves in this same p(l)ace but the difference back then should be the distinction now.

When all is dark, light is easily seen; it is apparent. I’m sure the glow from Goshen, just 20 miles northeast from the capital, was evident. This was the beginning of God’s people being a light to the world.

That was our calling before this pandemic and remains our calling now. May the Lord grant us the grace to trust Him and the strength to serve Him (and also our neighbors) during this amazing opportunity to shine as the only people-group in the world who know what exactly is going on.