Whose Are You?

“If we are to live for Him in the world, there is a constant issue of commitment, loyalty, to be faced: are we His or are we not? Are we His, not by virtue of a past decision allowed to grow stale, but in the daily pressure of the often small things by which our lives are besmirched? For it is more likely true that, if life were all large decisions, few of us would go far wrong. Yet faced with the world’s ceaseless bombardment of our eyes, ears, thoughts and imaginations, the insidious erosion of values and standards, and the clamour for our time, money, energy, it is easy to adopt a general way of life which, though it avoids the open pitfalls of sin, yet is not discernibly different from the style of one who does not know Christ.”      

From: The Message of James by Alex Motyer