Laurence Windham

The Pursuit of Wisdom

We’re going back through the first nine chapters of Proverbs investigating how wisdom is ‘given’ to us. Granted, the fear of the Lord is where we must start, and remain, but what instructions, steps, practices follow to insure that we are becoming wise?  


“…the priority of the daily bread and butter of the self-pleasing life–that is what takes us into the world, the arena in which Christ’s Lordship is not recognised and where his writ does not run.” The Message of James –  J.A. Moyter  


“Reconciliation is a change of relationship between persons (God and man; man and man) that involves at least three elements: (1) confession of sins to God and to any others who have been offended; (2) forgiveness by God and by the one who has been offended; (3) the establishment of a new relationship between offender …

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