Laurence Windham

The Plan

Earlier this week I asked a group of around 35 men about their church experience. “How many of you ever had a pastor approach you and say, “I’d like to help you grow as a Christian.” No one raised their hand. Not one. No glorious testimonies were shared of time spent in learning and understanding …

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No Abortions!

Last night, Christians from a number of churches showed up for the public hearing to encourage and admonish the members of the Board of Supervisors to not allow any zoning for businesses that would allow the killing of babies. To the Board of Supervisors of Washington County, Virginia Thank you for all the work you …

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Deep Dive

I was once asked what books would I recommend for personal, spiritual growth. I replied that maturing as a disciple is best done with a mentor; and it is—that is the best way to becoming stronger for Christ. But if there were a set of books to get a person firmly on the path of …

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Big Talk

John Donne wrote this prayer, first, for himself. Raw, honest, and transparent; an utter dependence. Donne takes his cues from King David who did the same in all of those Psalms that he composed. An inspired template for visceral contemplation and emotion–helping us to say what we’ve just gotta say, rightly.  

Life as School

The individual’s family, work, church, and social life are the contexts in which God desires each person to shine as they mature spiritually. The difficult circumstances and troubling situations that they find themselves in are preordained and full of opportunity and purpose for increasing in wisdom and in glorifying God. Every day is either a …

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